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Welcome to Moonbase Models new homepage.

Specializing in build-ups of current kits and scratch builds of your favorite Sci-Fi subjects.

This is a temporary site. a permenant site will be made in the future. But this is here to get us back on the web after Alta Vista closed down our last server.

I have been building model kits all my life and have had friends and other ask me to build for them.
Now I do it, more or less, professionally.

On these pages you'll find some of my work.

The Photo 2&3 pages will have my ongoing projects.

And the photo gallery will have pictures of past projects and my own collection.

Updates will come on as regular a basis as possible.
Keep watching here for announcements.
Current News

New. as of  7/20/06.    Pictures of my Viper Projects from Battlestar Galactica are on the Photo page.

Also will be offering soon...four conversion kits for the Polar Lights 1/1000 scale TOS Enterprise... pictures will be on Photo Page #2.

Have A Question?
If you have a project you'd like me to work on, or if you have a modeling question that I might answer,
Please send me an e-mail.
Quotes on projects will take up to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the subject.

The Scarlet Class Viper

Pictures of my Scarlet Class Vipers....and my Two Seat Recon Viper on in the Gallery page


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